PDO Rules and Regulations:

Participating Dive Operator

Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013


Rules and Regulations:

“Participating Dive Operators” (PDO) are dive operators, dive centres, dive clubs, dive resorts (hotel, resort, homestay that provide recreational scuba diving services) and liveaboards that provide diving facilities and are legally located in Indonesia. Registration is required to become a PDO for Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest (IWUPC) 2013.

Every PDO must follow the provisions below:

  1. All diving activities must be supervised by staff of the PDO. The PDO is fully responsible for the execution of the dive and photo shoot conducted by IWUPC’s participants.
  2. The staff assigned by the PDO to supervise the diving activity must have a minimum certification of Dive Leader.
  3. A “Dive Leader” is a person with the minimum of a Rescue Diver certification (or equivalent) who is officially assigned by the PDO to lead a dive. Technical matters relating to the leadership of the Dive Leader are the responsibility of the PDO.
  4. Every dive for participants of IWUPC 2013 must be conducted by a minimum of one (1) Dive Leader. The ratio of participants to Dive Leaders should take into consideration the following: Number, qualification, skill, and experience of the participant(s); qualification, skill and experience of the Dive Leader; diving facilities; emergency facilities; and dive conditions. It is prohibited to dive alone.
  5. Before every dive, the Dive Leader is required to provide a dive briefing.
  6. Before and after diving activities, the Dive Leader must count and identify all divers who enter and exit the water.
  7. Participants without a diving certification must be accompanied by a qualified diving instructor. The dive must be conducted in a safe and controlled environment.
  8. All dives must be conducted within the limit of each diver’s certification level.
  9. All divers must adhere to safety rules including (but not limited to): diving technique, depth limit, dive time limit, NDL, safety stop, ascent rate, buddy system, physical and mental readiness, good condition and function of equipment, site conditions and diving environment.
  10. The Dive Leader must stop the diving activity if there is any indication that conditions could pose a potential danger for the divers, other people and/or property in surrounding area.
  11. It is mandatory that the Dive Leader conducts an orientation dive with a diver(s) whose diving capabilities are in doubt. These conditions are determined based on the professional judgment of the Dive Leader.
  12. All diving activities must be recorded in the participant’s dive log.
  13. The PDO must provide all diving equipment needed to dive safely. Equipment provided must be in good condition and meet safety standards for diving.
  14. The PDO must have adequate access (time and supply) to Oxygen and a First Aid Kit during diving activities.
  15. Each participant in the IWUPC 2013 is urged to have their own insurance, but if participants of IWUPC 2013 do not have insurance, the PDO must provide it.
  16. The Indonesian Government, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, IWUPC Committee and other parties involved in the committee and the promotion of IWUPC, are not responsible for any operational activity and/or the safety or comfort of participants, or other issues related to the offering of contest participation, which create discomfort and/or loss of morale and/or possessions of participants and/or the PDO.
  17. Any issues that may arise between PDOs and participants are to be dealt with by the PDO without linking the issues with the committee, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesian Government, and/or other parties involved in the committee.
  18. IWUPC Committee has the right to ask documentation of the PDO to verify the legality of the PDO


In its participation as a PDO, the PDO shall:


  1. Provide the best service to all guests and also IWUPC 2013 participants.
  2. Provide internet facilities or CD/DVD/Flash Disk (whenever necessary) for IWUPC 2013 participants to store digital media file for the image(s) that will be submitted to the IWUPC committee.
  3. Ask all IWUPC 2013 participants to complete the IWUPC 2013 Participant Entrance Form and Survey sheet as a mandatory part of the official participation in IWUPC 2013
  4. Verify that all images submitted were taken during dive trips with the PDO in the PDO’s area and in the presence of the Dive Leader(s) who accompanied the participant while diving.
  5. Send an email/Dropbox/CD/DVD/Flash Disk together with all Participant Entrance Forms and Survey sheets to the IWUPC 2013 committee at the end of every month.
  6. Send the email/dropbox/CD/DVD/Flash Disk, Participant Entrance Forms and Survey sheets by registered mail and at their own cost.
  7. Be prohibited from collecting any fees associated with participation in IWUPC 2013 other than dive travel expenses, accommodation, and so forth, as a consideration for dive services performed by the PDO.
  8. Confirm that all participants have read, understood and followed the IWUPC Rules and Regulations.

PDOs have the right to:

  • Use IWUPC 2013 as a promotional activity and marketing tool for their business. Promotion and marketing can be done through various means and media in accordance with normal business ethics.
  • Give special rates as part of a marketing strategy for prospective participants in IWUPC 2013. Such special rates will be published on the official website of IWUPC 2013. The PDO shall inform the IWUPC committee at least two (2) weeks prior to the period of implementation of the special rates. The time and duration of special rates shall be determined by each PDO according to their target market and marketing strategies.
  • Provide contact information (Name, Address, Telephone/Fax Number, Email, and Website) to be displayed on the official IWUPC website and to be included in promotional events related to IWUPC 2013.


  • Registration as a PDO can be done via the IWUPC email, website, fax, or directly to the IWUPC committee by completing the registration form in full. Each PDO will be given a registration number.
  • Registration is open from 01 October 2012 to 31 August 2013. PDOs will receive publicity in order of registration.
  • Updating the data of registered PDOs on the IWUPC 2013 website will be done weekly. Updates on printed promotional materials for IWUPC 2013 will occur every three (3) months.
  • The IWUPC 2013 Committee reserves the right to make changes to any rule or regulation regarding IWUPC 2013 without consulting the PDO.
  • The IWUPC committee reserves the right to review, verify and approve the participation of the dive operator and has the right to reject or accept their participation without any explanation.
  • Any violation of the above provisions may result in the withdrawal of the right to be a PDO.
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